Kitchens Sydney

The kitchen is the heart of the home and over time, has become a place that is not only to eat and prepare meals, but also is associated with our ideas of family, gatherings, laughter and love. The kitchen is first and foremost, a room with a utilitarian function but, also is a place where decor and design can play out in unexpectedly stylish in Sydney

Kitchen Design Sydney

Most people would agree that the ideal kitchen is one which makes efficient use of space while having enough room to move around and have access to all areas with ease. There are several different styles of kitchen commonly used, each with their own unique layouts depending on the amount of space available:
1) The most basic is the single line kitchen where all appliances and counter space line up against the wall. This layout works well when the kitchen only has one single partition.
2) Another basic style is the two line style that makes the most efficient use of space by dividing the counters and appliance space along two lines and with an aisle in between.
3)  The third style is the L-Shaped kitchen that may even allow for a dining area in the centre while cupboards, counter space, and appliances line each of the two sides of the room.
4) The fourth style is the U-shaped kitchen which utilizes the most space but can be used either in small or large areas. All appliances, cabinets and counters line up against each of the three sides with an open area in the centre.
5) Lastly, the fifth style is the island kitchen where the island sits separately and actually provides an additional work surface to give the room a roomy, open feel while still maintaining very good use of the space available.

Kitchen Renovations Sydney

No longer simply a place for the preparation of meals, kitchens in Sydney have become the subject of renovation plans and as creative opportunities for the use of decor that is stylish and a reflection of personal taste. Kitchen renovations can take place on a large or small scale. A renovation such as changing the colour of cabinets and cupboards or possibly switching to tiling instead of linoleum or replacing old Formica counters with marble or porcelain is a renovation that is relatively small but can make a huge impact on the look and feel of a kitchen. Other small renovations could be as simple as changing the colour of kitchen curtains or maybe switching from curtains to something totally different like bamboo vertical blinds.
Large scale renovations will obviously change the appearance and available space that the kitchen has available. Perhaps a dining area can be incorporated into a U-shaped kitchen or possibly the addition of a centre island can add a substantial amount of working space to an otherwise cramped and limited counter area. Windows could be added to a dark and small kitchen to brighten the space and offer a more open and well-lit kitchen. Any of these types if renovations can not only increase space, update older kitchens, improve the overall kitchen appearance will almost certainly add to the value of the home as well.

Benefits of Renovation

Renovations can vary in price and in scope depending on the renovation plans. Some of the simpler renovations can be done easily, as a weekend project perhaps and without the need for a professional. Other kitchen renovations will require the work of a kitchen company in Sydney to complete it in a timely and proper way. No matter how big or small a kitchen renovation is, it will almost always add renewed interest, added value, and an upbeat change to a room that typically holds a special memory or two for most and which after all, is the place where a family gathers.